Consulting, Marketing and Asset Raising Solutions

Partner with us to grow your fund and simplify operations

with the right narrative

Increase investor interest

Our bespoke services will get you ready for institutional-level marketing by developing a meaningful, differentiated story

We work with clients to demonstrate the hallmark qualities of their strategies and relate those to investor needs

Adaptable to varying AUMs, asset classes, and specializations

Established managers will benefit from our expertise on marketplace dynamics and relevant trends

We take a holistic approach with Emerging Managers helping them to come to market efficiently by creating a tested marketing strategy and identifying potential investors.

We also provide needed support for new entrepreneurs and institutional-level platform building for new and emerging funds.

Our Services

Accelerate capital raising

We can help compress your sales cycle and raise assets efficiently

Our network includes large public and corporate pensions, endowments, foundations, fund of funds, family offices, consultants, and advisors.
Managers will benefit from our expertise in marketing investment ideas, uncovering money in motion, and our strategic focus on investors who match the target profiles.

Services Include:

  • Investor introductions
  • Strategy consulting (ongoing)
  • Communications and collateral
  • Regulatory compliance review
  • Service provider selection

Our services are offered via our strategic partnerships

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Kara Edgar
Founding Partner of ESCS
Edgar Strategic Consulting Services (ESCS) is an industry leading business development consultant specializing in accelerating capital raising across verticals. ESCS has built its insights and strategies through decades of experience working with management teams and allocators. We understand the sales cycle and to whom, where, and when to market a product. ESCS has successfully been involved in helping build firms across ten core asset classes.