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Customers look to Triad’s solid reputation for delivering unique insights and information from the initial filing up to the minute an IPO or Secondary opens.

In the risky world of new issue and secondary investing, this critical information may enhance our customers’ ability to obtain increased financial returns.

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    Our IPO dashboard allows you to

    Move At The Speed Of The Market

    • Data served up on all digital and mobile platforms
    • Access to the trading team’s broad experience and understanding of the new issues market
    • Unique market color and updates throughout the new issue process
    • Independent new issue research from the Argus Research Company
    • In-depth quarterly report covering IPOs and Secondaries

    “I see Triad’s new issue service as the go-to-source on deal flow.”



    Get The Latest Intelligence 24/7

    Our interactive database with current new issue and past performance data allows you to follow your own instincts and develop a picture of companies, sectors, and trends on your own schedule.

    The Triad Mobile App delivers actionable, up-to-the minute alerts to you whether you are at your desk or on the move. You get deal price notifications on a continuous basis, updated in near-real time. Users can drill down for detailed information on any deal with data back to 2000.

    The database can be searched by:

    • Deal type (IPO, secondary, convertible)
    • Issuer
    • Symbol
    • Trade date
    • Underwriter
    • Industry
    • Timing (current, priced, and shelf)

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