Trade and Execution Services

Triad’s expert teams offer trade execution, electronic and algorithmic trading, and post trade support.

You’re selective about your partners — and so are we

Our goal is to reduce friction in your trading activity, ultimately saving you time and resources

Starting with your onboarding, we partner with you to understand your strategy, trading style, and current portfolio

As an agency only broker, we always offer unconflicted solutions to our clients

We are a flexible extension of your trading desk

Whether you are executing exclusively online or working with Triad’s desk, we are your sounding board

Our experienced traders are available for informed dialog and insight as you consider your investment decisions. Our flexibility means that we offer support, even as your needs change over the course of a day, week, month, or year.

You might start your day using our electronic platform, and end by outsourcing key trades to our desk. We have seen virtually every trading situation and can intuitively apply the appropriate response. Our extensive system redundancy and availability means we perform even when other systems fail.

You focus on growth

We offer you

“When we are busy, or looking to reduce market impact, we outsource trades and back office tasks to Triad which significantly reinforces and multiplies our efforts.”

—Hedge Fund Manager

  • Institutional trading with Refinitiv REDI
  • Extended electronic trading from 4:00am to 8:00pm
  • Multiple algo suites – independently sourced
  • Trade multiple asset classes in the U.S. and internationally, including equities, options, and fixed income
  • Expertise trading IPOs, Secondaries, Convertibles, and New Issue Preferreds in gray markets
  • Extensive redundancy – multiple trading venues and clearing firms
  • Outsourced trading and back office services
  • Decrease market impact of your trades


Focus on Strategy while we handle Execution

Trade Execution Service Components

Trading Support

Your account is always handled by a professional trader, one who is directly familiar with your portfolio and the markets where you trade, and with an average of 20 years’ experience. As needed, you can outsource trades to our team. Triad’s Trading Desk offers access to the various Equity, Option, and Convertible/Preferred markets from 5:30am to 5:00pm.

Electronic Execution

Triad offers Refinitiv REDI, a professional electronic execution platform, to qualified customers. This system provides market access for US equities from 4:00am - 8:00pm for customers who prefer to enter their own orders. Customers will have access to equities, options, and foreign markets. This will allow clients to trade multiple clearing accounts and direct order flow to multiple away brokers from a single trade window.

International trading

Triad provides direct access to an extensive network of exchanges, algorithms, and brokers throughout the world and in every time zone. We provide data on New Issues globally and specialize in emerging markets and corporate debt. We have trading expertise imbedded in our services, and knowledgeable international traders on the team.

Multiple algo suites

Whether you are a high-volume quantitative firm, sector trader or small cap manager looking for unique liquidity, we can help you find the appropriate algorithmic trading solution including customization. We offer a suite of algos, comparable to any bulge bracket firm, that we have sourced and vetted from select counterparties. We accept algo order delivery through both innovative no-touch, electronic systems, or traditional spreadsheets.