Triad Securities Corp. is proud to be celebrating its 40th anniversary

By TriadSecurities published

Triad was founded in 1976 as a full- service, agency only discount brokerage firm. With corporate headquarters in the Wall Street area of New York City and a full service execution desk, Triad is able to meet the demands of a world-wide trading environment. A global source for information on IPO, secondary, preferred and convertible bond offerings, Triad continues to enhance the way customers gain knowledge in these areas. Triad also provides comprehensive prime broker services to accounts across all asset sizes and specializes in small to medium hedge funds, family offices, RIAs and professional traders. Founded by Richard Schultz, Triad has grown in size and sophistication, while retaining the benefits of family ownership. As it has expanded, Triad has kept Richard’s vision: Triad is truly a firm where the customer comes first and can expect to receive superior service. Triad takes great pride in its history and commitment to customer service. To learn more about Triad please visit their website at